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Grab Hire and House Clearance in Worthing
Responsible Waste Management

You should never underestimate the importance of safe waste management. With populations growing, and with the UK producing over 100 million tonnes of excess each year, waste disposal companies must help local authorities, local businesses and the general public to manage their materials ethically. Located in Arundel, near Worthing, we offer grab hire, muck away and rubbish clearance services in West Sussex. 

Our grab hire trucks are an obvious choice for muck away jobs, but they also provide a fast solution for house clearance projects and plenty more besides.

Below, we tackle the subject of responsible waste disposal and look at how a professional rubbish clearance service helps the Worthing community. Please contact us on 0800 118 2256 or 07748 798380 to learn more about house clearances, commercial disposals and all of our supporting waste management services.

Grab Hire
Helping the Environment

A grab lorry is one of the most economical solutions for waste disposal work. Get It Gone owns a fleet of vehicles which we use to transfer waste from rubbish clearances, to recycling stations in the Worthing area, for processing. These stations manage waste ethically to lower your (and our) carbon footprint, and to preserve the planet for future generations. 

Spoil from muck away projects usually ends up as secondary aggregates or topsoil, which we can also deliver.

Recycling waste from house clearances and commercial waste disposals reduces the amount of material sent to landfill sites in or around Worthing. Landfill sites have a damaging impact on the environment, causing air and water pollution.

Get it Gone uses its grab hire services, and the support of licensed waste transfer stations, to maintain recycling rates in excess of 90%. We can safely manage waste from rubbish clearances at home, or at work, in ways that always help the environment, and which protect local ecosystems in Worthing.

Why Is Ethical Waste Management Important?

Unless we manage waste responsibly, the environment suffers. Rotting waste produces harmful gases which not only cause breathing problems, but also contribute to global warming. There is the plastic in our oceans to consider too, with around 8 million metric tons of it entering the sea every year. Ethical house clearances, commercial waste disposals and muck away services start to tackle the problem. 

For advice on environmental care, get in touch with our grab hire company today. We trade as licenced waste carriers for the Worthing area with approval from the Environment Agency.

You can play your part in helping the environment by managing your own waste disposal activity:

• Re-use and recycle as much as possible, at home and work
• Re-use plastic bags and drink from reusable water bottles
• Avoid unethical goods, such as plastic-covered fruit

Get it Gone delivers its waste disposal services in ways which help the environment. Muck away is close to a 100% recyclable activity but we try to make domestic house clearances and commercial waste disposals as sustainable as possible too. Recycling is at the heart of our business operation and close to the heart of Worthing’s community as a whole.

Grab hire is one of the fastest, most efficient and most ethical ways to perform a rubbish clearance.

Have waste responsibly collected by calling 0800 118 2256 or 07748 798380. We specialise in house clearances, and in waste disposal services for business clients in Worthing.

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