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Waste Disposal
Waste disposal service in Worthing and the surrounding areas

Waste Disposal in Worthing and West Sussex
| Rubbish Clearance with a Focus on Recycling

Have you ever wondered about what happens to your unwanted material once you’ve used a house or commercial rubbish clearance service? All of that waste has to go somewhere and the one place that companies like our own prefer to avoid is landfill. Get it Gone understands how much manpower it needs, and how many resources it takes, to provide a waste disposal service that meets modern recycling initiatives.

Located in Arundel, near Worthing in West Sussex, we offer a waste clearance and disposal service in Horsham and all the surrounding areas.

Projects which generate large volumes of waste, such as domestic renovations or commercial clearances, rely heavily on companies like our own for disposals. The team at Get it Gone is here to help homeowners, businesses, industries and even local authorities with their rubbish clearance needs.

We deliver a fast, efficient and customer-focused service with collections usually made inside 24 hours of your first call. Visit our website gallery to see our team at work on muck away and waste disposals.


Recycling-Focused Work

Some key aspects of our recycling-focused work include:

Licenced Waste Carriers

Get It Gone has the appropriate waste carrier’s license and approval from the Environment Agency. This means we can undertake non-hazardous waste disposal work in a manner that complies with EA requirements and government-led targets for recycling. Our status also gives us access to licensed transfer stations which collect, screen and process our waste.

These stations recycle 90% and more of collected waste to minimise landfill use in the local Worthing, Horsham and West Sussex areas.

Affordable Pricing

We see some waste management companies charging exorbitant prices for collections. This can deter some people from using these companies, and it leaves them with one of two options; to transport waste themselves at the risk of damaging their own vehicles and sacrificing their own time, or fly tipping rubbish so that it becomes a worrying environmental hazard.

Get it Gone keeps waste disposal affordable. In doing so, we make collections more accessible to all. This reduces the pressure on transfer stations and instances of fly tipping.

Recycling and Sustainability

We tend to throw recycling around as a concept that is simple in design, but a significant amount of work goes into it at a commercial and industrial level. Transfer stations in the Worthing and Horsham areas, combined with those across the UK, have thousands of operatives processing the waste they receive on a daily basis.

The materials derived from disposal work undergo screening and sorting. This puts it into categories which make the future recycling of those materials much easier to manage.

Muck Away and Recycled Aggregates

Muck away is a form of waste disposal where we use grab hire lorries and transit tippers to collect materials from earthworks projects in the West Sussex area. We call this material spoil. It usually consists of rubble and topsoil, uplifted so that construction companies can lay foundations and build sub-bases, or to provide other groundworks services.

Recycled spoil becomes what we call secondary aggregates. Get It Gone uses a grab hire fleet to deliver recycled aggregates to the local building, construction and landscaping sectors.

Call 0800 118 2256 or 07748 798380 to arrange waste disposal services in Worthing, Horsham and the surrounding West Sussex area.
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