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Car Disposal in Worthing | How to Avoid Car Scrapping Scams

Is your vehicle old and heading for the scrap heap? If so, it’s tempting to call any one of the many ‘so-called’ scrappage companies online. UK law dictates that safe car disposal is the duty of the owner, and only a certificate of destruction (COD) waives you from further responsibility. As such, you should always keep an eye out for scrappage scams. Based in Worthing, Get it Gone performs scrap metal and car disposal services with concern for safety, the environment and modern rules.

In this blog post, we look at common scrappage scams and provide tips on how to avoid them – either in Worthing or the surrounding West Sussex areas.

Secure Car Disposal | Scrappage Scams in Brief

Some less reputable garages will tell you that repairs would cost more than the value of your vehicle and then offer to scrap your car at no extra charge. Sometimes, these workshops undertake the repairs once you’ve left, only to sell the car for a tidy profit.

Others may claim to undertake a secure car disposal service, but fail to move your vehicle to the proper facilities. This can lead to trouble with the DVLA. Remember, the Worthing authorities must see your COD before they can let you off the hook.

Below, you’ll find some great ways to avoid falling foul of a scam in the near future.

Handing Over Money – As of 2013, it’s illegal to hand over physical money for car disposal. Paying by credit, debit or electronic payment makes for a traceable process, so ensure your chosen company works with the right approach. If not, it’s a clear sign that their methods fail to meet the proper guidelines.

Ask About ATFs – Known as authorised treatment facilities, (ATFs), these approved centres perform car disposal legally and ethically. In fact, they’re the only ones in Worthing and the wider UK areas allowed to do so. At Get it Gone, we have working relationships with ATFs across West Sussex. As such, our team ensures all scrap vehicles reach the proper location.

Ask for Evidence – Never be afraid to ask for evidence of a company’s memberships or accreditations. If it sounds like they’re dodging your questions or fail to show the right approvals, then it’s best to go with a different firm. At Get it Gone in Worthing, we’re approved by the Environment Agency and hold a waste carrier licence for safe car disposal. As such, we’re more than happy to provide you with the evidence you need for total peace of mind.

Renowned for safe scrappage, our team also provides muck away, grab hire and rubbish clearance services to local property owners. We assist domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Worthing, and do so at a competitive rate.

Make sure you choose a reliable car disposal company. Call Get it Gone in the Worthing area on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256 today.

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