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Car Disposal in Horsham

Car Disposal in Horsham | Is It Time to Dispose of Your Vehicle?

Each year, around two million vehicles head for scrapheaps across the UK. Known as end-of-life vehicles (or ELVs), these cars need professional care from a team that fully meets its legal obligations. At Get it Gone, you can rely on us to do just that. Experienced in house clearance, grab hire, muck away and rubbish clearance, we serve as a local favourite for car disposal in the Horsham area.

Our waste carrier licence makes us the ideal choice for house clearance and vehicle disposal projects all over West Sussex. We comply with the ELV regulations of 2003 and continue to work with the most respected treatment facilities. Please call to learn more about car disposal or to discuss grab hire, rubbish clearance and muck away services.

So what are the signs that your car is ready for disposal? Read on to find out.

It Keeps Needing Repairs – Although cars need servicing and the odd replacement parts, they should never become a money pit. When the value of the car falls below the cost of the repairs, it’s generally considered a write-off. We understand that you may have grown attached to your vehicle in the Horsham area, but it’s worth considering car disposal when the costs rise.

It Fails to Run as It Should – Are you tired of engine or transmission issues? If so, then it could be time to retire the vehicle for good. Rust can spread throughout the car, and engine problems can lead to a breakdown on the Horsham roads. Never ‘make do’ with a car that’s likely to fail on longer journeys. Instead, call us for scrap metal and car disposal at an affordable cost.

Based in Arundel, Get it Gone performs a reliable rubbish clearance and house clearance service in the Horsham area. Not only do we remove unwanted vehicles for local homeowners, but we also carry out grab hire and muck away for commercial sites.

Energy Efficiency – Today’s vehicles tend to emit fewer harmful elements into the atmosphere. Government schemes often have this in mind. A hybrid, for example, will cost less to tax than older petrol-based models. If you’re thinking about saving money and going green in the process, then our car disposal service can retire your vehicle in a safe, eco-friendly way.

It Looks Unsightly – It’s not just about how efficiently a car runs. Older cars (which aren’t classic) may look outdated on the Horsham roads. Homes can also look outdated too, especially with too much clutter. House clearance can make renovating an easier process, with rubbish clearance for a more breathable garden.

Whether you need car disposal, grab hire for muck away or house clearance in the Horsham region, our team provides the service you need.

For car disposal in the Horsham area, please call Get it Gone on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256. We also perform rubbish clearance, grab hire and muck away services.

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