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Car Disposal in Brighton

Car Disposal in Brighton | Things to Consider Before Scrapping Your Vehicle

Saying goodbye to an old vehicle can prove challenging. That said, it often reaps rewards, such as knowing you’ve done the best thing possible for the local environment. Here at Get it Gone, we perform a reliable car disposal service for drivers all over Brighton. In fact, our reputation for safe waste disposal makes us a preferred choice for rubbish clearance, as well as house clearance for homeowners and landlords.

You can rely on us to dispose of your car the right way. We believe in giving you a flexible service, while complying fully with legislation designed to protect the environment. From rubbish clearance in Brighton to car disposal further afield, we ensure a smooth process.

This post looks at some of the key things to think about when looking for a car disposal service.

Check Your Chosen Company – Did you know that the DVLA needs to know what happens to your vehicle? Make sure you choose a company that can supply you with the correct documents. Here at Get it Gone, we have working relationships with authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) and supply certificates of destruction (CODs) for notification with the DVLA. These absolve you of all further responsibilities.

In addition to supplying these documents, your chosen firm in Brighton will store your details for three years. For this reason, it’s important to select the most reputable car disposal team. We work reliably in all tasks, including house clearance and general rubbish clearance work.

Consider Any Remaining Tax – After receiving the COD, you can apply to the DVLA for a refund of the remaining tax. It’s also worth talking to your insurance company to see what they can do. Remember, there’s no point paying out on a policy for a car that no longer exists or has found new life as raw materials.

Serving the Brighton region, Get it Gone performs a flexible car disposal and rubbish clearance service. In addition, our house clearance service proves vital for homeowners, letting agents and local landlords.

Ensure You’re Happy to Go Ahead – Above all, make sure you’re completely happy to scrap your vehicle. Remember that driving an older car around the Brighton area will often prove more costly than buying a new one. This is because better fuel efficiency means fewer trips to the pump, as well as a reduction in road tax.

Older cars tend to need more repairs too. By calling us for car disposal and treating yourself to a new model, you can expect to make fewer visits to the local garage.

Contact Get it Gone – With a waste carrier licence and decades of shared experience, we handle waste with a high level of care. We take all vehicles to the authorised treatment facilities, supply certificates and make sure all tasks run smoothly. We apply this professionalism to rubbish clearance, grab hire and more – lending our skills to house clearance projects across Brighton.

We now invite you to view our gallery to see our waste disposal company in action.

Call Get it Gone on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256 for car disposal and house clearance in Brighton. We run an efficient rubbish clearance service.

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