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When it comes to waste and rubbish clearance of any kind, working with proven professionals makes the process more convenient, cost-effective and entirely lawful. Whether it’s a small-scale house clearance, old car disposal or a large-scale muck away job which needs to make use of grab hire, Get It Gone provides bespoke solutions to meet any requirements. Our team shares more than 20 years of trade experience, so we provide trusted results and peace of mind for domestic and commercial clients in Pulborough and the neighbouring areas.


Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the biggest advantages our personnel provide when it comes to waste and rubbish clearance jobs of any size.  If you need a professional service for your own waste collection, please call us on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256.


Reasons to Choose Professional Rubbish Clearance


Convenience – While we haven’t numbered the items on this list in any order, the convenience factor remains hugely popular with our clients, be they in Pulborough or any other location. If you have completed an office or house clearance, require lawful car disposal or need grab hire services to complete a quick muck away service at a construction site, Get It Gone does the dirty work, so you don’t have to.


Health and Safety – The materials contained within waste and rubbish clearances vary from one site to the next. This includes everything from the size of individual pieces through to the consistency of the material. In some cases, when left in inexperienced hands, rubbish clearance can pose a threat to health and safety, ranging from bruises and strains through to cuts, abrasions and the development of allergies. In addition, you may not fully understand the true nature of your waste, which could lead to exposure to hazardous materials.


Cost-Effective – Undertaking the work yourself represents the only true alternative to hiring a professional rubbish clearance service. In most cases, this represents a false economy. When removing the collateral from an office or house clearance, this will take a property owner in Pulborough multiple trips to the nearest waste disposal facility. Not only does that eat up a considerable amount of fuel, it also leaves a mess in the vehicle. Naturally, jobs like car disposal, muck away or anything involving grab hire simply can’t be managed in a cost-effective or time-efficient way by anyone other than a professional.


Responsible Disposal – Whether we operate in Pulborough or any of the surrounding areas, Get It Gone disposes of rubbish and waste in a responsible, lawful manner. In addition to our vast experience, we have undergone industry-leading training to differentiate between various types of rubbish, separating them as we go. What’s more, we hold a waste carrier license from the UK Environmental Agency, so we fully comply with all requirements for waste carriage and disposal.


When it comes to collection and disposal of collateral following a house clearance, safe car disposal, efficient muck away services, reliable grab hire or any other rubbish clearance services in Pulborough, Get It Gone remain the trusted professionals.

If you live in Pulborough and require car disposal or any general rubbish clearance services, call us on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256.



Our team are able to travel to all areas within and around our base location in Worthing, including Brighton, Chichester, Horsham and more.




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Grab hire In Worthing 2