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From Muck Away to House Clearance in Horsham | The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Waste Carrier


When it comes to waste and rubbish clearance in Horsham and across the UK, we cannot overstate the importance of using a licensed waste carrier. If you arrange for the collection of waste from your site, the Duty of Care dictates the person or business you choose to do so must hold a license issued by the UK Environmental Agency (EA). This ensures the safe, responsible disposal of collateral generated from house clearances, muck away and car disposal services, as well as the waste collected during grab hire work.


In January 2014, the government changed the law for the carriage of waste.  In short, anyone, not only waste contractors, who transports someone else’s waste as part of a trade must hold a license with the EA to do so. This applies across the board, from a one-man business in Horsham to a limited company with grab hire services operating nationwide.


This drive toward greater licensing has good intentions. If not disposed of properly, waste from a house clearance, muck away, car disposal or general rubbish clearances can have a hugely negative impact on the environment and human health. The current regulations now further protect the environment and discourage social scourges like fly-tipping.


As such, responsible disposal of waste remains one of the key aspects of a waste carrier license. Naturally, that’s something we can all get behind.

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What Does This Mean for Our Customers and Clients?


In short, our customers and clients in Horsham simply need to ensure their chosen option for waste and rubbish clearance holds a license. Fortunately, the process of registering for a waste carrier license is relatively easy. As such, we strongly advise anyone to avoid people and businesses who still don’t hold the appropriate credentials. They might offer lower prices for muck away, car disposal or the collection of waste from your house clearance, but they won’t dispose of it ethically or responsibly.


You can check directly with the EA whether your chosen company holds a waste carrier license. Every license has a unique number, so this too, is a straightforward process. Fly-tipping costs the UK economy £100m each year, so we strongly recommend that everyone invests money into companies who carry out waste and rubbish clearance in line with the law.


Get It Gone proudly operates in Horsham and the surrounding areas with a waste carrier license. We adhere to all existing regulations regarding waste collection and disposal. When combined with our affordability and impeccable customer service, we remain the number one choice for house clearances, muck away, car disposal, grab hire services and much more.

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