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Rubbish Clearance in Bognor Regis | The Benefits of Grab Hire Over Skip Hire


At Get It Gone, we cover practically every aspect of rubbish clearance in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. This includes muck away services, house clearance and even car disposal in Bognor Regis and the neighbouring areas. With over 20 years of experience in the waste removal industry, our personnel have worked at sites and on projects of every type and size. From a property extension to the building of a brand-new office block, construction and waste go hand-in-hand. To ensure your project progresses in a smooth and efficient manner, it’s vital to choose the most effective and affordable approach to waste management.


Two of the most common options for rubbish clearance come in the form of grab hire and skip hire. Both provide different approaches to the same solution, but which one represents the best choice overall?


Below, we have taken a look at what makes grab hire services a better all-round option for waste management in Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas.


To discuss any of our wider range of services, be it muck away, house clearance or car disposal, please call us on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256.


What Makes Grab Hire the Superior Option?


Grab hire services involve very little manual labour in the physical waste removal process. No matter the work you perform, we collect the collateral with a bucket operated by the hydraulic arm of one of our grab lorries. All we ask of you is to collect the waste in a pile or organise it into skip bags beforehand.


In comparison, when utilising a skip, you need to actively fill it on countless return trips. Needless to say, this represents a laborious, time-consuming approach to rubbish clearance.


In addition, grab hire makes the process of muck away and rubbish clearance fast and efficient. Grab lorries can hold significant amounts of waste at a time, all while being small and agile enough to fit on most sites and negotiate the roads of urban areas like Bognor Regis. We prioritise efficiency across our full range of services, from house clearance to car disposal, so we communicate effectively to find the best access for grab hire solutions.


As an added benefit, grab lorries can park at the side of the road to collect your waste. This takes approximately 20 minutes or less and doesn’t require any form of permit. Naturally, this also helps to cut down on costs and disruption while increasing time efficiency.


In comparison, a skip needs an allocated space to sit in for the duration of a project. If placed in a road, you will need to pay for a permit from the local authority in Bognor Regis. Of course, once delivered, you have no option to move the skip until you arrange for collection. This also causes major disruption as the lorry delivering or collecting a skip requires a lot of space to manoeuvre.


Get It Gone operates as a licensed waste carrier and member of the UK Environmental Agency. This allows us to perform house clearance, muck away, rubbish clearance and car disposal services with the utmost responsibility.

To discuss options for reliable rubbish clearance at your site in Bognor Regis, call Get It Gone on 07748 798380 or 0800 118 2256.



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Grab hire In Worthing 2